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Waterline Art Gallery

‘Reflections on Country’

Cheryl McCoy’s sense of belonging and connection

Ettalong Beach. Observe and listen – there is so much to learn. Artist Cheryl McCoy believes that there is so much to learn from this country about our place in the symbiotic relationship. For her exhibition she has chosen black and white work, reflecting on her history. Cheryl shows her exceptional work till the end of July at the Waterline Gallery at the Re:Publik Café.

Cheryl McCoy: “As a printmaker of Gamilaraay, Dharug, Scottish and Irish living on Darkinjung Country, I find my inspiration on Country.” Her family’s Aboriginal history was a ‘secret’ and rarely spoken about and ‘cloaked in shame, while our European convict history was celebrated’.

The Japanese papers that the artist has used are both ‘strong and weak’, mirroring the tensions that continue to ‘wax and wane in this relationship’. The printmaker has used woodblocks to craft some of the myriad of textures, patterns, and details, “we rarely observe in the Australian bush”.

Cheryl McCoy: “I believe we need to honour not just the extraordinary beauty and complexity, of Country but open our hearts and minds to what she can tell us, take responsibility in partnership to restore her health”.

“Booked with local artists till end of August 2022, our gallery is very well frequented”, said café owner Catherine McDonald, “The current artworks show the difficulty of indigenous people to connect to identity of culture. But the artist tries to demonstrate how these issues can be articulated in visual form”.

From July onwards, watercolour artists Susie Linigen and Marlene Palagyi will be exhibiting their work at the gallery. The duo is followed by an ‘Artists Collective’, students of mentor and Pearl Beach artist Annie Reid. The collective includes multi award winning singer-songwriter Melinda Schneider, who recently started to paint under the guidance of Annie Reid. Besides the winner of six Golden Guitars and now painter there will be nine artists to exhibit from end of August onwards.

The café is open seven days from 9.00 am, special viewings can be arranged by appointment (4311 6842).

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