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Omelette: Crab, leek & shallots - $19.5

Crab claw meat, sautéed with 

sun-dried tomatoes, leek & shallots, 

folded into free range eggs

Shakshuka eggs - $18.5 g/f

Spanish onions, chorizo, capsicum, in 

spicy tomato sauce, with poached eggs & toasted sourdough or ciabatta

Free range eggs (2) $12.5

Poached / Fried / Scrambled with toasted sourdough or ciabatta

Extras ($4.5 each):

Sautéed mushrooms / sautéed baby spinach, pan-fried tomatoes / grilled bacon (2), grilled breakfast chipolatas, grilled haloumi, 

house-made baked beans

Eggs exotica - $19.5

Poached eggs with sautéed leek & shallots on tomatoes, capsicum, dusted with pistachio dukkah, drizzled with sweet soy sauce 

with ciabatta or sourdough

Re:Publik stack - $18.5

Roesti, with mushrooms, sautéed spinach, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, with ciabatta or sourdough

Prosciutto, poached & guacamole $18.5

Free range eggs, poached, on grilled prosciutto, rocket, guacamole, drizzled with Hollandaise sauce, on sourdough

Spanish Omelette $19.5

Chorizo, fried with mushrooms, capsicum, potatoes, Spanish onions, dusted with paprika & smoked paprika, topped with cheese,

On an omelette / sourdough or ciabatta

Re:Publik’s big breakfast g/f

For One $25 – For Two $42

Free range eggs of your choice with pan-fried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, house-made baked beans, bacon, chipolatas, with toasted sourdough or ciabatta

Grilled haloumi, mushrooms. spinach,

tomatoes & mushrooms, poached $19.5

Grilled haloumi on top of, tomatoes & spinach, sautéed mushrooms topped with poached eggs with sourdough 


Fast & tasty: BLT–$9

An old-time favourite: grilled 

bacon, tomatoes, cos lettuce, 

with mayonnaise on toast 

Re:Publik’s club-$14.5

Toasted bread, with mayonnaise, 

roasted chicken breast, cos lettuce, 

tomatoes, grilled bacon

Chicken breast & mushroom pasta $18.5

Roasted chicken breast fillets (sliced), sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, in cream 

on pasta, parmesan cheese

Pork belly, roasted $19

Pork belly, slow roasted with star 

anis & cinnamon, served on 

steamed bok choy and potato puree

Baked salmon fillet on quinoa rice $23

Baked salmon fillet, brushed with 

honey mustard glaze, baked, 

steamed brown rice & quinoa

Spinach & tomato on fettuccini $17 gf/v

Vine ripened tomatoes & spinach, 

sautéed, with garlic on fettuccini topped 

with parmesan cheese 

add tasty chorizo sausage

to spice up the pasta $18.50

King Prawn laksa $19.5

King Prawns, poached in coconut cream, with a selection of vegetables, topped with coriander on rice noodles

Traditional Caesar Salad $16 gf/v

Baby cos lettuce, anchovies, crispy

bacon & shaved parmesan cheese, 

soft-boiled free-range egg, 

Re:Publik’s Caesar dressing

topped with

roasted chicken breast $18.5

sautéed king prawns $19.5

smoked salmon $19.5

Beans & Flavours

Cappuccino/Flat White/Mocha/Long Black Cups $4 / Mugs $5

Espresso/Macchiato - $3.5 Latte $4 /

Vienna $5

Please add 50c for soy or almond milk hazelnut/caramel/vanilla syrups 

Bondi Chai Latte $4.5

Ice Coffee $6.5

on vanilla ice cream & cream

Ice Chocolate $6.5

on vanilla ice cream & cream

Ice Mocha $6.5

Chocolate, coffee, ice cream & cream

Hot Chocolate $4 Mug $5

The art of chocolate

Milk Shakes $6

Lime / strawberry / vanilla banana / caramel / chocolate (all with vanilla ice cream) Kids $4

Smoothies $8

Organic yoghurt, ice cream & milk,

choice banana or mixed berries

Freshly Squeezed

Large - $8 – Small - $6.5

Your choice of fresh fruit or vegetables


Re:Publik’s combo juice,

for something special:

add mint, lemon or ginger

Eat - Live - Love: The Menus

All dishes are prepared individually from ingredients sourced locally – organic whenever possible.

Breakfast is served all day – so are all the other dishes. The menu is ever changing according to market availability and season produce.

Our autumn menu is available now with lot's of hearty breakfasts, tasty light lunches and dishes to suit the colder season; fresh juices and smoothies together with milkshakes providing the right refreshment.